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"Huda Montessori is an mission to ensure that this first step is in the right direction."

In the journey of life very step we take counts, but the most important step is always the first that determines our direction and defines our path. In a child’s carrier nursery education is the proverbial first step. It is the prime period during which foundation are laid for the academic cultural spiritual & behavioral development of the child.

 2010 witnessed the launch of Huda Public School, A first of its kind venture in Mysore wherein a confluence of state of the art modern education, moral values & religious character building was attempted . Huda Montessori was then an integral part of Huda Public School.

Having successfully implemented a true Montessori learning process in the initial years, Exclusive nursery setups where established. Presently Huda Nursery school is housed in two campuses, on at SS Nagar & Other at Udayagiri. Our aim is to make nursey education easily accessible so as to reduce the stress on the tiny tots as well as the parents.

Each Campus has halls with areas marked for various activities such as

  • Circle time
  • Reading corner Etc;

Appealing ambiance & colors render the much needed joyous feel to the students. The student teacher ratio is maintained at 1:20.

The halls are very spacious , well aerated & are designed to create & informal homely environment that is the integral to the Montessori concept. Each unit has array of materials ergonomic desks & work stations.

In addition, the playground Is compact & secure ideal for the small kids. It houses the sand pit , The play pen & the splash pool , making it all the more exciting for the kids,

To complement the infrastructure & facilities, a dedicated team of well-trained Montessori teachers has been appointed.

The Montessori Method

Montessori is scientific method, practical & tested for bringing forth the very best in young children. It is the method of seeing children as they really are nurturing their enthusiasm & intellectual and social needs.

Feeling the need for spiritual development & nurturing of the soul, The philosophy & methodology of HAUNA has been adopted at huda. HAUNAis an Arabic word meaning “humility” it is also an acronym for the holistic affordable, universal , natural & accessible education. Children passing out of schools should not only excel academically, but alo should prove to be an asset to society and humanity. This is only possible where there is complete harmony between the mind, body and soul. The foundation for this has to be laid from this budding age . It is this philosophy that HAUNA – Humility through education represents.

The Environment

The essence of Montessori lies in its informal settings. No benches /desk/black boards& no one way lectures. Children either use short tables ( Chowkies) or floor mats to work materials

Mixed age groups- activity level is based on intellectual capacity rather than age . No readymade text books or “One size fits all syllabus”

The Material

The stand out factor that differentiates Montessori from other play schools is indeed the activity material. Though they appear as playthings, they are not so .Each material is designed to serve a specific well defined purpose and to imbibe a specific concept .they may appear as toys for the child but are actually excellent teaching aids for the teacher. The materials cover all areas of learning – physical, mental & disciplinary. As a rule, pencil & paper work is minimal & starts in the higher age group.

The Freedom

The environment is that of supervised freedom. The child has free choice of selecting the material to work with. The time frame is flexible and there are no deadlines.

The books are minimal and there is no burden of homework.

The teacher work with child and plays the role of a facilitator. Her role is to maintain decorum, encourage ideas & interaction , imbibe values & train the child in maintaining discipline