I std to VIII std- Girls
Uniform Monday & Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday Green Shirt, Black pants Black Shoes, Black Socks
Wednesday White shirt and pants, Shoes and socks
Boys: Green kurta, Black pajamas Black Shoes, Black Socks
White kurta, pajamas,  Shoes and socks
IX X std.
Monday – Saturday Dark Blue pajama, Navy Blue kurta (Girls) Dark Blue Pant, Navy Blue Shirt (Boys)
their respective days.
1.  The uniform should be clean and well ironed and the shoes should be well polished.
2. The hair should be kept clean and well groomed.
3.  The nails should be cut short.
4.  The children should not wear flowers, jewellery bangles or anklets.


  •  Discipline at all times is mandatory. The students should maintain proper decorum inside the class and during breaks.
  •  The code of conduct during the assembly, games, PT and during class hours has to be adhered to.
  •  All the class notes should be completed on time and the homework should be submitted promptly. All the books should be neatly bound and kept in proper condition.
  •  The language of conversation inside the school campus has to be English only.
  • The students should refrain from shouting and running in the corridors.
  •  Students are expected to keep the classrooms, corridors and playground clean.
  •  Respect and regard to teachers, parents and to other students is obligatory.