‘Book Free Day’ is an exciting novel concept being introduced from the year 2022-23 for classes 3rd to 8th standards. One day of the week will be dedicated for various activities as outlined below and the students will not need to bring their books on that day. This is an initiative to promote informal learning and to incorporate activities, projects, field visits, skill development, physical activities and sports in the weekly calendar. The concept of ‘Book Free Day’ conforms to our motto of ‘Learning beyond the confines of the classroom, and beyond the boundaries of the curriculum’. The proposed outline plan of one class in outlined next page.

BFD-Classes – 3rd – 8thstd

Tuesday & Wednesday (3rd – 5thstd)

Thursday & Friday (6th – 8thStd)

HAUNA….a nursery curriculum

       Feeling the need for spiritual development and nurturing of the soul, the philosophy and methodology of ‘HAUNA’ has been adopted at Huda. ‘HAUNA’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘humanity’. It is also an acronym for Holistic, Affordable, Universal, Natural and Accessible education. Children passing out of schools should not only excel academically, but also should prove to be an asset to the society and humanity. This is only possible where there is complete harmony between the mind, body and soul. The foundation for this has to be laid from this budding age. It is this philosophy that ‘HAUNA –Humanity through Education’ represents.